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29. srpna 2012 v 15:06 | Tereska |  Thinspiration .

50pounds: If you say so, Emma Watson… 
anotherdreamanotherlove: After a year of hard work, dedication, motivation, and a lot of vegetables, I’m proud to say I’ve accomplished so many things I have always dreamt of. I’ve had so many incredible people support me throughout this journey on my tumblr and wanted to share my story with all of you. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and stories. You have been my biggest motivation throughout all of this and I could not have done this without you. Here it is :)
sweatsalty: Lace up and go!
movement-for-life: OMG. YES.
eatcleanmakechanges: truth
sweatsalty: Oh man plank variations, ouch!
before-and-after-pictures: Here is my before and after! I am still trying to maintain my weight and keep a healthy lifestyle! Check out my weightloss story on my tumblr blog! :)  —- Shop here for great weight loss and health products at rock bottom prices, or follow these blogs: weight loss before and after pictures, weight loss stories, & workout songs!
ambition-to-be-slim: Perf legs..
gettingahealthybody: Do it.
oxygenmagazine: Christine Case dropped 55 pounds by coupling her gym efforts with a positive attitude!  Read more>
realfoodandexercises: My body today
sknnyasfckkk: note to self.
fitnessgirljunkie: No way around it, if you want a flat stomach or abs…. you MUST eat healthy. No ifs,ands, or buts. It’s just something you HAVE to do. GET TO IT!
fit-for-freshman: juststaym0tivated: wont-quit-till-im-fit: learning-to-be-healthy: I didnt even know that was even possible.  does no one see that her feet are in straps?! shes not defying gravity. If I didn’t see that comment I would of thought this was just some crazy arm strength Lol same ^ lol you guys!

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1 Mell Mell | Web | 29. srpna 2012 v 16:08 | Reagovat

krásný thinspo :)

2 Terry Terry | Web | 29. srpna 2012 v 16:20 | Reagovat

Krásné, fakt.... jinak 9. obrázek od spodu... přesně to si říkám, že pokud to nevzdám, v létě roku 2013 si budu moct oblíct bikini a nestarat se o to, kdo na mě zírá :)

3 dog´s ass dog´s ass | Web | 29. srpna 2012 v 19:35 | Reagovat

V těch fotkách před a po je tak obrovská síla, která tě dokáže nakopnout něco se sebou dělat! :)

4 recacha recacha | Web | 29. srpna 2012 v 21:01 | Reagovat

krásné :-)

5 Carmen Carmen | Web | 30. srpna 2012 v 9:22 | Reagovat

fotky pred a po sú najväčšou inšpiráciou ;)

6 perfectamy perfectamy | Web | 30. srpna 2012 v 22:30 | Reagovat

tyhle fitspa jsou ještě hezčí než thinspa!

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